Development Of Industrial Water Filter By Using Graphene Oxide Material

  • Sandesh Gaonkar, Mohit Dubey, Sujit Mali, Parikshit Moghekar, Yogeshwar Kaslod


This document is focused on the remediation of noxious wastes from wastewater using graphene based materials as adsorbents, and it contains all the details on materials – i.e., from their synthesis to application in the field of wastewater treatment (removal of hazardous contaminants of different chemical nature - heavy and rare-earth metal ions, and organic compounds - from wastewater effluents). Project will also study the physical properties of graphene with various methods e.g. hummer’s methods to examine characterization in nanoparticles. The efficiency of the adsorption and desorption of these substances is considered. Certainly, this will be useful for nano industries to design future experiments.