Regenerative Braking Using Flat Spiral Spring

  • Mr.A.S.Pawar, Dhiraj Vijayrao Patil, Omkar Ashok Patil, Siddhant Jitendra Kalekar , Prasad Vijay Patil


Energy consumption of a nation is usually considered as an index of its development. Energy is vital for social and economic development. In fact, modern civilization is very much dependent on energy availability, and the whole infrastructure rests upon it. The fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas which is at present are supplying 95% of the commercial energy of the world resources and are not going to last for many more years. Our life style is changing very fast and from a simple way of life we are shifting to a luxurious life style. If we just look at the number of electric gadgets, private cars and scooters in our locality we will realize that they have multiplied many folds and all of them consume energy. To meet the increasing energy demands, efforts are being made to improve existing technologies and to develop new approaches for optimising the energy consumption. In this paper kinetic energy storage and recovery system using torsion spring is analysed, the mechanism required to transmit the energy from and to the spring is designed, then its efficiency is tested and amount of fuel saved when this system is adapted to any vehicle for every time the brake is applied is calculated.