Thermoelectric Generator and Cooler Operated Fog Removal System For Automobile: A Review

  • Pramod Wagalgave, Abhishek Rananaware, Shreyash Patil, Avinash Bhosale, G.S. Waghmare


The problem of vehicle window dewing not only affects the occupants’ comfort in the vehicle, but also interferes with the driver's sight and potentially threatens the safety of driving as well as electronic equipment in the vehicle. Fog is a natural weather condition that can cause visibility to become zero. Now a day the air conditioners are very efficient and reliable but it has some demerits. According to International Institute of Refrigeration, air conditioning and refrigeration consumes around 15% of the total worldwide electricity and also contributes to the emission of CFCs, HCFCs, CO2 etc. Due to the use of such refrigerants it leads to much harmful effect to our environment i.e. the global warming. For air conditioning use of fuel also increases and all these are affects on the car efficiency. To overcome the problem of emission and fulfill the mismatch between the demand and supply of energy consumption the thermoelectric Air conditioning can be used. This system is not going to be noisy, a there will be no hazardous emission to the environment so the system is totally eco friendly. As the Peltier module is quite compact in size the design can be easily acquired according to space and need.