Design and Analysis of Automated Guided Vehicle

  • Ruchik Biniwale, Nihar Chinchawde, Trupti Pawar, Darpesh Dingar, Sandesh Gaonkar , Milind Kulkarni


These days because of the exceptionally expanding requests on assembling parts, these regions have left their delivery distribution centre in ruin. In like manner, the human errors adversely influence security, capability. Subsequently these vehicles are exact in work, proficient and errorless. In this manner the right idea of an AGV can be introduced that, it is a driverless vehicle wherein the necessary material is gotten by the mechanization itself and afterward circulated to the allotted goal in the distribution centre. Therefore this makes circulation easy, inside as far as possible and furthermore with legitimate precision not creating any harm. Along these lines right now, is extremely vital for any assembling or a substantial stacked plant to utilize this trend setting innovation so as to build efficiency.