Design and Manufacturing of Solar Operated Multi- Equipped Mechanism for Agricultural Operations

  • Govind Waghmare, Abhishek Sadakale, Bhushan Gaikwad, Harshal Tambave, Sanket Mundhe


This project provides information about various types of innovations done in seed sowing machine available for plantation of seeds. As day by day the farm labour availability becomes the great concern for the farmers and farm labour cost is more, this machine reduces the efforts and total cost of seeds sowing and fertilizers spraying. The new proposed machine which can perform a number of simultaneous operations and has number of advantages is discussed. This paper deals with, how a `Power Sprayer' which is already in use and works with fossil fuel can be converted into solar operated sprayer’s works without any fossil fuel. Solar energy plays an important role in dehydrating seeds, vegetables etc. and for pumping the well water for irrigation purpose in remote villages without electricity. This solar energy can be used for operating solar sprayers for spraying fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides etc.