Design and Analysis of Electricity Generation using Contactless Magnetic Coupling

  • Aniket Madwe, Abhinav Deshmukh, Nachiket Dhange, Rutuja Godse, K. R. Jagtap


The renewable energy sources are rapidly depleting across the planet. There is a continuous need of new methods and ideas of generating energy without harming the environment. This paper aims to  produce electricity in railway bogies using non-contact magnetic coupling mounted on the axles of the bogies. The main focus of the model was to generate electricity using a magnetic coupling. The torque was transmitted from the axle to the generator shaft without any physical contact, thus reduced the friction losses in currently being used mechanical couplings for torque transmission. Computer aided modeling (CAD) of the system is done using CATIA software. The model was validated for its design feasibility and structural analysis is done using Ansys software.