Design and Manufacturing of Pad Dispensing Machine by Using Online Payment Gateway

  • G. S. Waghmare, Pratik Dhake, Poonam Andhale, Snehal Patil, Dattatray Bodke


Women hygiene is of utmost important and is to be taken care of. Women in India are still shy of buying napkins from medical shops and other stores. A solution to this problem is installing napkin dispensing system. It is a kind of computerized sanitary napkin storage system which can be easily accessed by the people in emergency without approaching any pharmacy. It is a microcontroller and motor-based system to dispense the medicines when accessed by the user through an input event. The main drawback of the existing coin operated dispensing system is that there is only specific size and weight of coin accepted so our work aims at installing an automatic napkin dispenser in toilets and places like long highways, remote tribal areas by using online payment gateway. Also increase number of sanitary napkins availability in the system at once, so we don’t need to fill napkins in the system regularly.