Design and Development of Knuckle joint for Go-Kart

  • Manish Lande,Shardul Balpathak , Aditya Kumbhar, Parth Makwana , Nihar Mhatre


The main objective of the steering system is to provide directional stability to the vehicle. The main consideration in design for the steering system is producing pure rolling motion of the wheels while maneuvering the tightest turns on the road tracks .The driver should be able to turn vehicle with minimum effort applied. The steering system is designed in a unique way taking into consideration the various effforts and the precise mathematical formulae. All of the Go-Karts use a knuckle as a major part of their steering systems, its controls the efforts applied as well as the turning capacities. We are proposing the modification in the materials used which will increase the strength of the knuckle. The recent technologies developed helps in reducing the stress and strains without affecting the physical properties. In the present work we have used ANSYS Software for analysis of knuckle joint with various materials and varying loads. Steering knuckle plays a major role in a vehicle linking the steering system, wheel hub and brakes to the vehicle body. During the dynamic conditions it undergoes varying loads under different conditions, not affecting the steering performance and other vehicle performances. The results are validated in the ANSYS software then the results obtained are compared with the experimental analysis and validated.