An Analysis of Side Impact Crash using Curtain Airbag

  • Piyush Takalkar, Hrushikesh Sapkal, Shruti Kaudare, Shivanjali Vanave, Bhagyashri Pawar


To reduce severity of side impact collisions has been an emerging area of research due to past years. The motor vehicle manufacturing and regulation in both NASS and Euro NCAP, many other countries have developed a dynamic side impact test and criteria to reduce the severity of vehicle-to-vehicle side impact collisions. The database was queried with the constraint that all vehicles must adhere to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards FMVSS 214, side impact car crash most often occurs at intersections when drivers run red lights or stop signs and have a higher chance of causing body damage when the struck car is broadsided by a larger car with a higher bumper. This paper presents preliminary side impact test and evaluation procedures for occupant safety using the curtain airbags. The purpose of this paper is to summarize recommendations for performing side impact crash test, describe the result of side impact according to the regulation and comparing it with the analytical results using LSPP and LS-Dyna.