A Survey on Multi-disciplinary Cloud Storage (M-Crypt)

  • S.S. Telsang, Shraddha Kumbharkar, Nikita Panhale, Shreyas Sonawane, Gauri Budhe


Cloud computing is the long-dreamed vision of computing as a utility. Besides all the benefits of the cloud computing security of the stored data need to be considered while storing sensitive data on the cloud. Cloud users cannot rely only on the cloud service provider for the security of their sensitive data stored on the cloud. Traditional privacy protection schemes are usually based on encryption technology, but these kinds of methods cannot effectively resist attack from the inside of the cloud server. With the continuous and exponential increase in the number of users and the size of their data, it is difficult to maintain the integrity of data on the cloud. Many efforts are being made to design a secure system using encryption techniques. This paper gives a survey of different techniques used by the researchers to solve the data security issues over the cloud in addition to the abstract view of the proposed system that we are going to implement the increase the security level of the outsourced data.