Social Post Analysis Using Nlp Techniques

  • Omkar Joshi, Abhijeet Pawar*, Anmol Goja, Hrushikesh Navgire, Balram Somani


In the today’s world every day there is enormous information is published on the web (social media, science and more). This information contains movie reviews, product reviews, blogs, news articles, etc. It is not easy to predict this kind information to which it belongs. So proposed system needs to solve the above-mentioned issue for that we proposed the system in which when any post that contains textual information given as an input, makes it to provide solution from the web. To make a post for business the system extracts useful information from the text. The use of the system is to take a post directly to its potential audience (online users like social media). Here, proposed system analyses the social media posts and understand what kind of decisions they may take in the future so that proposed system can recommend to the user directly with a certain post. There are certain domains which we will identify from the post. Content will suggest from the post to the potential audience and potential audience will recommend the solution or suggestion to the user.