Survey Paper on Crop Suggestion and Yield Prediction using Machine Learning

  • Pratik Jaiswal, Neha Korade, Vaidehi Rasane, Pavan Soni, S.A.J. Patel


India being an agricultural country, its economy predominantly depends on agriculture yield growth and agro-industry products. The major problem in the crop productivity is that farmers do not choose the right crop for cultivation by taking into consideration various factors like the location of their farm, type of soil, climatic conditions, etc. Hence in order to increase the crop productivity, a crop recommendation system is to be developed which will help the farmer to choose the right crop. Similarly, the yield of the crop is also important. Yield prediction is an important issue in the agriculture. Every farmer is interested in knowing the amount of yield he is about to expect. Hence along with suggestion of right crop it is also important to build a system which will predict the yield of the suggested crop.