Sentiment Analysis using various Machine Learning Techniques: A Survey

  • Tanishq Mehta, Varsha Khandekar, Rachana Munot,Kathan Jain, Ruchita Bhamare


Sentiment analysis is the way of categorizing the opinions and understanding the emotions expressed in the piece of text computationally. Sentiment analysis proved its importance with the fact that it allows different vendors to segregate the reviews described by various groups of individuals. Recent researches involve the use of sentiment analysis in various applications like multilingual web texts, movie reviews, twitter dataset, etc. The basic purpose of study is to figure out how accurately and consicely different Machine Learning algorithms justify the sentiments that are dignified through the text .There are various parameters according to which sentiments can be classified into various categories. This paper highlights the essentialities as well as the applications of Sentiment Analysis done uptil now. A comparative analysis is also shown so as to let researchers to drive through the better technique.