Smart Speculum

  • Sagar Gunwant Umathe, Vedika Hemant Sontakke, Prathamesh C. Patil , Mrunal V. Yadav , Nakul Sharma


 A Smart Speculum is a technology of convenience that optimizes time to its best during one’s daily morning chores. It is an application of the Internet of Things (IoT) with which we can interact with the mirror using our voice. This Smart Speculum can provide information like time, news headlines and weather forecast within the time one spends in front of the mirror every day. This information will be sourced from the internet via RaspberryPi which will be the implementation base for this project. The goal is to construct a cost-effective insightful mirror system that not only works as a normal mirror but also is able to display various kinds of information like weather, time and location, current events to users. Home automation is included as well so the user can control home appliances using voice from any corner of the house. This speculum is equipped with object detection with a vision of interactive learning for small kids. This paper states the purpose, construction and operation of Smart Speculum.