Advancement In Accuracy Of Automotive Sensing

  • Chandrashekhar Patil, Muskan Sayyad , Saurabh Lokhande , Akshay Mohite,Prof S.A.Patil


The objective of this paper is advancement in accuracy of digital fuel indicator and in tail light system. Hence because of the arduino is used advancement in number of automotive sensing systems can be implemented. Because of arduino, device consist of two systems. To eliminate the conventional fuel level indication in two wheelers which uses float sensor to indicate the fuel level. The elimination of float sensor is due to its low accuracy in fuel indication. In this competitive world, everyone strives for greater accuracy than the previously proposed ones. In order to increase the accuracy, we have used ultrasonic sensor and load cell sensor to display the results of fuel level indication. For advancement in braking is to replace  the conventional braking lights of the two wheelers by gradually color changing braking lights. The conventional braking  lights glow only in single color during any situation. For e.g. if the brake is pressed just to slow down the vehicle then the  brake lights glow at same intensity as when the brake lights are pressed for stopping the vehicle in emergency situation. In advanced tail light system tail light system shows three different colors according to braking pressure intensity i.e. for low intensity it shows yellow color for moderate intensity it shows orange color & for high intensity it shows red color.