Memory support system for Alzheimer disease

  • Radhika Mandi, Manisha Bhalerao, Shweta Muttepwar, Rutushri Kumbhare, Priya Gulhane


This project helps to Face recognition. It is a medium for any humans interaction. A person must be able to recognize someone through their vision and memory. Unfortunately individuals who have memory disabilities often times suffer with their inability to recognize loved ones and close friends. The device presented in this project is specifically targeted to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, aiding their ability to recognize people using a face recognization model which matches the facial features of person with stored pictures of known people. The device identifies the person in front then output the person name and relationships to the users so that it is easy for any individuals with a memory disability to identify the people. the interact with the device is tasted using different platforms like raspberry pi3.