A Review Paper on Embedded System for Automated Monitoring Of Foot Ulceration in Diabetic Patients Using Flexi Force Sensors

  • S.P.Dhanure, Aishwarya. B., Jyoti. M.


Diabetes complications damage the neurology of the body often referred as ‘Diabetic neuropathy’. It results in severe nerve damage, causing the development of high pressure areas in the feet and may ultimately cause ulcerations. This paper discusses about the detection of foot neuropathy as possible, from a home based environment using a smart and low-cost foot pressure and foot movement analysis and blood flow stimulation system, which a patient can wear at any place to monitor the planter pressure distribution. Flexi force sensors are used to measure the pressure in different areas of the foot and it is displayed on a hand held device. A proposed circuit is used to measure the pressure on the foot with the help of force sensing resistors. The pressure on the foot is acquired by the sensor. DAQ is done by Graphical User Interface using ‘Lab VIEW’. As per the Normalized Peak Pressure (KPa) values, normal and diabetic neuropathy patients foot pressure values are classified. A healthcare mobile app with algorithmic analysis, analyzes the acquired data from the sensors to intelligently empower furthermore superlative monitoring and care. This method can help diagnose foot ulceration at an earlier stage which can prevent further ulceration.