Solar Grass Cutter Using Bluetooth

  • Sachin Aralwad, Janmenjay Chitade, Chinmay Hire, Unmesh Kamble


The automated grass cutter is a robotic vehicle powered by solar energy that also avoids obstacle and is capable of grass cutting with minimum human interaction. The grass cutter and vehicle motors are interfaced to an Atmega 328 microcontroller that controls the working of all motors. It is also interfaced to an IR sensor for object detection. The microcontroller moves the vehicle motors in forward direction in case no obstacle is detected. On obstacle detection the IR sensor monitors it and microcontroller thus stops the grass cutter motor to avoid any damage to the object\human\animal or whatever it is. This whole system is powered by solar energy. The designed robot gets energy from battery and solar panels and is operated using Bluetooth\ Android App which sends the signals to the robot for required mechanisms and movement of the robot. This increases the efficiency of the device for grass trimming and also reduces the problems encountered in grass cutting.