Smart School Bus Monitoring and control with Engine Locking system using IOT

  • D.D.Mondal, Geeta Kirtane, Gurav Sarvesh, Rohini Chikte, Sayali Pokharkar


Now a days with the rise within the rate and accidents parent worry about their children once they are getting to school and if the varsity are at a long distance from their houses they really worry. We also hear many children getting locked inside a faculty bus within the parking slot after falling asleep on their thanks to school. Our project makes use of RFID module for tracking and monitoring children during their trip and from school. it's advantage of efficient tracking capabilities law cost, easy maintenance, fire sensor is additionally wont to detect any fire accident the system contains three unit Bus unit, parent unit, school unit. The microcontroller use in this device detect alcohol signal from alcohol sensor and  display alcohol detection note on LCD screen and also stop DC motor which stop the bus. The system need a password to start out the engine. If alcohol is detected at the time of starting the engine doesn’t start in the least. If alcohol is detected after engine starting the system lock the engine at that point. Not only school buses it are often used for shielding automobile from drunken driver for safeguarding them by using IoT. The system permit a tons to the varsity unit on mail, mobile sms.