IOT based solar E-Uniform for Soldiers

  • Neha S. Shahare, Ankita Baramade,Rukmini Awargand, Shambala Bedage,Jyoti More


Solar based E-Uniform gives better protection to the soldiers who are working in extreme weather conditions. Solar Panels are used to power up the internal circuitry of the E-uniform. A 12 V DC lead acid rechargeable battery is used for storing the energy. We are using conventional battery charging unit also for giving supply to the circuitry. AT89S52 micro controller is the heart of the circuit as it controls all the functions. A voltage sampler is interfaced with the system using ADC 0808 to get the voltage generated from battery as a display on a 16X2 LCD. In a very hot environment, the most serious concern is heat stroke. At very cold temperature, the serious concern is the risk of hypothermia or dangerous overcooling of the body. To overcome this E-uniform is designed. This uniform consists two modes of operation such as summer mode and winter mode.