Smart System to Measure Quality and Quantity of Fuel in Vehicle

  • Prof.Vaishali Baste, Mr.Suraj Thigale, Mr.Purushottam Damdhar , Mr.Akash Kadam


Vehicles have become an integral part of human life. They are used for transportation of people and cargo. Transportation facilities are improved in the past decade due to innovations in automation. We have already known that motor vehicles display the availability of fuel in the fuel tank by means of some indication like digital bars running through the E [empty] and F [full] indicators. The manufacturer already decides that each bar maps to the corresponding litters of fuel in the fuel tank approximately. To the contrary every one of us might have experienced the problem with improper estimations of the current fuel level in the tank with the existing bars representation system. Now a day in this digitalized world, if the fuel indicator in the automobiles is also made digital with very high accuracy then it will be very helpful to know the exact amount of fuel available in the tank