Smart Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine

  • Prof. Somnath Wategaonkar, Shreyash K. Narayane, Anoop R. Shetty, Prajesh S. Shirsolkar, Shivraj B. Yadav


The disposal of sanitary napkins has been a issue, especially in public facilities such as lavatories. Attempts to dispose of these items by flushing them down the toilet have resulted in clogging of the toilet or of the plumbing associated therewith. While attempts have been made to solve the problem of disposing of sanitary waste, and  human excrement, by incinerator systems, no prior attempts have been made to satisfactorily dispose of sanitary napkins in such systems. Furthermore, the systems of the prior art concerned with sanitary waste disposal in general have been found to be cumbersome in construction and too costly for practical adaptation to dispose of sanitary napkins in public lavatories. This project focuses on solving the issues of these incinerators by making them more smart and efficient. We can overcome these problems by making the machine less heavy and easy to use as well as the machine should be environment friendly. Considering these points, we have designed our model of incinerator, which consists of three chambers, the storage area, the burning chamber and the basin, which would be flushed into the drainage. The machine will be ARDUINO driven with a display showing the current state of the machine and will be completely automatic. Once the sanitary napkin enters the machine, the process will be initiated and will continue until the pad is burnt to ashes. The burning chamber has heat-reflecting surfaces for concentrating the heat to a central portion in the chamber. There will be a customized filter assembly to filter the undesirable odours and fumes emanating from the burning pads and routing it directly into drainage in a clean and harmless state. The ashes of the burnt pads collected in the basin will be flushed into drainage after regular intervals of time by providing a built in tank for water storage.