Face Morphing using CNN

  • Prof.B.B.Gite, Yash Bhandarkar, Vipul Pawar, Suraj Petkar, Suraj Waghmare


There are various image evaluation   techniques have been invented and generally applied in animation and morphing, there are a few methodologies to spread out these mechanism to handle videos contents, especially real-time warping of an expressive motion frame in the video like a human face. This proposed work presents a system that gives real-time processing of the shape and features of the face of people who are standing in front of a system camera. This system allows the user to influence human face shape factors such as the jaw, chin, nose, mouth; eyes, etc. i.e. the user is allowed to concentrate only on what they require to change about the face and observe the manipulated appearance in real-time. Therefore, instead of posing in front of a real mirror and imagining their appearance, our system allows users to pose in front of a digital "virtual mirror" and visualize themselves in different facial features. Real-time face Morphing technique is used for face images. In our system, we can face morphing on the image in that we make the third face using a combination of the first two faces. Using various face images find out the gender of people like Male or Female and also the age of that person. In this system, we are also going to find out the profession of the person based on their getup i.e. farmer, police. In the proposed system we are going to work with video of different person faces and performing face morphing on that video frame i.e. on face images.