Exploiting Waste Material as an Alternative for Conventional Paver Block

  • Praneet Masal, Aniket Shelke, Saurabh More, Jayesh Mandlecha, Snehal Sanap


Plastics are very quickly increasing parts of the municipal plastic waste. Disposal of waste including waste plastic has  become a serious issue. Huge number of bags which are in the form of waste plastic being accumulated in this century has created many problems for there disposal,in order to come out of this issue we have to use it in effective way.This project is about recycling waste plastic into paver block which can be used for many purposes such as footpaths, streets, parking’s and also to study the characteristics of the plastic paver block. Here we are going to present the strength properties of the pavement blocks comprising of the waste plastic. The innovation of plastic paver block will be boon to our society and also to the environment. The main aim is to use the waste plastic in the construction field which will prove to be economical and also helpful to the environment.