Determination of Surface Runoff and Preparing Digital Elevation Model by using HEC-HMS and GIS and Design Sewer System

  • Shubham S. Bele, Pranav R. Awate , Shraddha A. Andhale , Gaurav V. Bramhankar , Ankush A. Kohale


Water resource is most important natural resource needed for survival and progressiveness of mankind. To ensure availability of water throughout the year. Surface runoff water harvesting is the collection, accumulation, treatment of purification and storing of storm water is also important. These networks of sewers may consist of house sewer, lateral sewer, branch sewer, main sewer and outfall sewer. be properly and skillfully planned and designed of sewer is most important now a days. Runoff value are predicted with rthe help of hydrograph develop of cathchmate and thus compare analytically. To develop DEM of Manaji Nagar, DEM data available from ISRO and also rainfall data from Indian Meterological Department (IMD) is required. With the help of GIS and HEC-HMS model analysis of Manaji nagar is done to design of sewer system.