2Diamentional Model Studies For Hydrodynamics At Tidal Inlet Using Mike Zero

  • Pratibha Kaushal, Revati Raut, Mamta Pawar , Sagar Magar ,Ganesh Chougule


The project concerns itself with the village of Satpati in Phalghar district of Maharashtra. Fishery being the main occupation of the village contributes profoundly to the Indian economy via import and export business. This project {In association with CWPRS, Pune} works towards tackling the problem of excess sedimentation accumulated at coastline of Satpati, which has led to flood like situation in the region. Also, fishermen have to wait for high tides which provides a window of 6-8 hours only to carry out the day to day activities. Here in, to find appropriate solution for removal of siltation 2D model studies are carried out in which onsite conditions are replicated using Mike software. The project works on preparing bathymetry using the Mike Zero software which defines the different depths of water in the region. In order to achieve maximum accuracy a region of 30km for larger grid and 3km for smaller grid of concerned area is mapped out. Using MIKE ZERO software,Bathymetry for the region was developed and calibrated and used to assess the changes likely to occur in hydrodynamics and siltation pattern.Experiments on the obtained flow field can be further carried out by CWPRS, Pune.