Experimental Investigation Of High Strenghth And Ecofriendly Geopolymer Cubes

  • Anisa Shaikh,Aruna Shinde,Mayur Shinde,Tejal Vasekar, P.M. Wale


Conservation of natural resources and preservation of environment is very necessary thing. Rapid growth of industry has resulted the generation of huge quantity of wastes, both in solid and liquid in industrial sectors. It’s presumed that about 10-15% of wastes produced are hazardous and generation of hazardous wastes is increasing at the rate of 2-5% per year. These generated waste were dumped on land or discharged into water bodies and thus becomes a large source of environment pollution and health hazards. This paper presents the information about utilization of industrial wastes as a suitable material for construction purposes, by which cost of construction can be reduced and also a safe disposal of waste materials can be achieved. In the present study cement will be partially substituted by GGBS (10%, 20%, and 30% and so on) and fine aggregates will be partially replaced by copper slag 20% ,40%,60%so on. The strength parameters such as compressive strength will be confirmed for both 14 days and 28 days of curing period. Based on it the test appropriate results will be derived.