Hydraulic Analysis Of Ski Jump As An Energy Dissipator

  • Sayali Ashok Thorat, Aishwarya Vinayak Nale, Yuvraj Arjun Vyavahare, Shahrukh Salim Shaikh


One of the most effective and economical methods for the dissipation of hydraulic energy from flood waters is to project the flows into a free trajectory jet form to a location where the impact creates a plunge pool in the downstream river bed. This type of energy dissipation can be created by a ski-jump energy dissipator which has become an increasingly popular form of hydraulic energy dissipation for large dams in recent years due to its ability to safely convey high velocity flow in excess of 30m/s to the downstream river, however very limited definitive and comprehensive guidelines have been created. There is not only insufficient documentation for the conceptual and detailed design of ski-jump energy dissipators, there is also insufficient documentation for the dimensioning of the downstream plunge pools. Both are necessary to guarantee that the passage of major floods do not threaten the structural integrity of the permanent works.