Comprehensive Traffic Study and Modular Design of Sinhgad Road

  • Kapil Kadam, Kshitij Kadam, Himanshi Dhaiwade, Piyush Kengar, Sanjaykumar Balte


Roads are the arteries of the city. Traffic congestion is like blockage in a city which is very undesirable.  Aggravation in traffic congestion reduces efficiency of road.  To overcome this, various means and ways are available which are not commonly disclosed. Documentation and data analysis for giving appropriate solution is the main motto of this project. The project deals with the wise application of the various fields in Civil Engineering viz. Transportation.  Structural,  Project Management and Geotechnical Engineering. The optimized solutions for suffocated Sinhgad Road and civilian around the area will be studied for the same by using appropriate advanced technologies. Objectives involved in this project are comprehensive transportation and techno economic feasibility study, reducing congestion on the route, seeking opportunities to expand mobility options, route rationalization for public transport, minimizing adverse impacts on the traffic mobility. The strategic action plan for this will include defining work area, plotting station points, traffic survey, and relevant data collection, finalization of transport models, planning and designing models and will be summarized in the form of prototype. The work is beneficial for reducing travel time, traffic congestion and making public transport efficient. It will also improve the utility of existing traffic management