Traffic Flow Analysis from Navale flyover to Bramha Hotel

  • Prasad Khuspe ,Suraj Khatavkar, Virendra Kumbhar, Akshay Gayake, Akshay S. Kathe


The aim of Traffic engineering is to encourage safe, proper and Time efficient flow of people and goods on roadways which are dependent on traffic guidelines. Volume, speed and density are three main constants of traffic flow. This current study is on traffic volume study from Navale bridge to Brahma hotel in Narhe area of Pune city. Due to increase in economic condition of people, amount of traffic also increased significantly in last decade. In this study attention is given on traffic volume and different analysis is carried out. For better understanding of traffic flow, at identified junctions traffic survey is carried out. With the help of data collected, it is very easy to understand the traffic pattern during weekdays and weekends at different time period. Hence analysis in traffic will be easy to control the traffic flow and also to suggest some management measure to enhance traffic movement in Sinhgad road and Narhe region.