Survey paper for parking slot identification based on CNN (Convolutional Neural Network).

  • Rahul Kumar , Jayraj Rajpurohit, Shubham Jain, Amir yousuf, Ms. P. V. Ambekar


The aim of this paper is to review for gratis Parking Spot Identification and steering, it's a possible to scale back the congestion in thronged areas by providing time period indications of occupancy of parking areas. To date, such systems ar principally enforced for indoor environments victimisation pricey sensor-based techniques. Consequently, with the increasing demand for Parking free spot detection systems in out of doors environments, cheap image-based detection ways became attention of analysis and development recently. intended by the outstanding performance of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) in numerous alternative image recognition tasks, this study presents a strong parking occupancy noticeion framework by victimisation CNN to detect the occupancy of out of doors parking areas from pictures. The classifier was trained and tested by the options learned by the deep CNN from datasets having completely different shapes light-weight conditions.Gram