Survey on Automated Wheelchair

  • Komal Bhosale , Pratiksha Dhole , Anushri Patil , Shradha Waghulkar , Ms. P. V. Ambekar


Nowadays many people are suffering from permanent or temporary disabilities due to accidents or some illnesses. Such a rapid growth in the number of accidents leads to loose self-mobility of person, so automated wheelchair serves as important tool for the handicapped people when person is dealing with difficulties in movement. The wheelchairs that are usually spotted rely on somebody else for their movement from one place to another. The system is customized taking into consideration the problems faced by handicapped people. So researchers developed the smart wheelchair that aims to solve such problems. This paper is to review studies on wheelchair movement using various techniques. The wheelchair has multiple features that help people in overcoming their weakness. It includes various techniques such as head rotation, voice commands, obstacle detection, staircase climbing.