Performance Improvement and Efficiency Comparison of 3D Game using High Performance Computing

  • Rohit Jadhav, Ajinkya Patil, Sahil Raj, Rahul Kumar, Professor S.G. Pawar


Performance improvement is an important task for achieving higher frame rate for various 3D Gaming and high-quality video service providers. We are trying to improve performance of 3D Open World Game. When we improve quality of a game, performance suffers. But why performance suffers when we improve quality. The answer to that question is, quality increases then the detailing of that game/scene increases which results in increase in mathematical computation per vertex, this happens 60 times per second (which is 60FPS), so that rendering that image on Frame Buffer takes much time which results in Frame Drop which hurts performance. Hence, we are trying to minimize the rendering time required per frame/scene on Frame Buffer by shifting heavy mathematical calculations on GPU. After shifting the mathematical calculations required per frame on GPU using High Performance Computing technique OpenCL to increases Frame Rate.