Detect Modified Data from Unauthorized Access and Restore Facility on Server

  • Abhishek Shelke, Rameshwar Nale, Renuka Bhutkar, Snehal Bagade, Sandeep Chitlkar


Various e-commerce websites face issues regarding privacy of data because many users buy a product with lower price and there are chances that the data can be modified by attacker because of which it will result in the loss of the company as they are unaware of those changes. To overcome this drawback MD5 algorithm technique is introduced which is based on e commerce application. We have implemented both side security front end and back end using MD5 algorithm. Any changes done in server which is acting as mediator will affect both, front end as well as back end. Most of the users when visit the e-commerce website then price of product and the product itself attracts them the most. But there may be chances that the attacker can gain access to the database server and can change the price of the product or anything related to the website. For that purpose both side security system is used. The MD5 algorithm is used to detect & prevent data modification attacks and restore it with the original value .Duel security prevents attacks and prevents websites data from unauthorized updating by the attacker or third party.