Employability Analysis of Person

  • Farzana Alam, Mrunali Dandgavhal, Ishani Naik, Bharati Pujari, Geeta S. Navale


Handwriting analysis or Graphology both are the scientific scheme of identifying, recognizing and distinguishing behaviour and patterns related with the handwriting. In today’s world it has become easier to train deep neural networks using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) because of availability of huge amount of data and various algorithmic innovations which are taking place. After pre-processing of images using OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) and CNN, then can check for numerous trails present in the sample using structural graphic elements for analysis and predict the personality trait present in the handwriting sample. The features extracted are compared with the SVM trained results stored in the knowledge base using Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier. World is constantly developing particularly in the Information Technology (IT) industry, recruiting countless number of new employee’s each year. These recruiting methods are often typically burdening for the Human Resource (HR) department and this is where a handwriting analysis can be used to provide a heads up regarding the character of an individual, as an individual could lie in an interview, however the brain writing can be tough to manipulate. Therefore, the authors can say that prediction through handwriting analysis can be a non-biased parameter which can be included as a pre-test in any recruitment process thereby   analysing the Employability skills in a person. This paper focuses on the related work carried out by different researchers.