Lifesaver E-Blood Donation App Using Cloud

  • Rishab Chakrabarti , Asha Darade , Neha Jadhav , Sandeep M. Chitalkar


Cloud communicating is an developing technology that can be combined with traditional health management system which used to provide better health related services. Old-fashioned healthcare systems mainly contain personal and public healthcare services. Many times, people are not satisfied with current system as people don’t have faster access to blood so when emergency occurs blood doesn’t reach on time and a person’s life is at stake current system doesn’t have GPS facility to locate donors and doesn’t have proper user interface and has many communication issues. So, we propose a system where User will just open application. Then he will automatically be connected to the cloud and his location will be tracked by GPS. All evidence about the donors and blood bank is kept on the cloud. As per requirement of blood, user can quickly get notification from blood bank within the radius of 5-10 km. If requested blood group blood is available in the blood bank depository then it will send positive reply message to the users. If required stock does not exist in blood bank then blood bank send notification to all donors and blood donation camp can be conducted by hospitals. If anybody is able to donate the blood then he will respond to blood bank. Only a registered people, with enthusiasm to donate blood, will be able to access the service. In emergency situations cloud can prove to be important as it can connect easily to user and provide faster information which will help save a life.