Distracted Driving And Driver Abnormal Behaviour Detection While Driving

  • Nangare Neha, Sagade Kavita, Tikal Shubham, Gawali Navita and Chitalkar Sandeep


Safe car driving has become a priority in everyday life. The main reason for designing a real time system which monitors the state of the driver to a decrease the car accident that will benefit millions of people around the world. Monitoring the road condition has acquired a critical significance during recent years. To detect the driver’s drowsiness, rash driving, accident detection, usage of mobile phones and road condition on google map. With the help of the front camera of smart phone, decreasing the possibility of accident by analysing the movements of the driver and the vehicle. This method is able to detect texting while driving(TD) patterns automatically without using any extra devices. While it informs to the driver’s relatives, nearby police station, hospital by sending them a short message service in case of an accident is worked on. System predicts the quality of the road based on tri-axial accelerometer and gyroscope while show the road condition and display on a map using global positioning system(GPS).