Video Piracy Detection and Prevention

  • Sipna Lankepillewar, Ankita Patil, Shashank Pandey, Shubham Patil, B. D. Shendkar


Piracy is an important issue as far as the manufacturers are concerned as it can result in a huge revenue loss. The reason behind the practice of full-scale piracy is mainly due to the difficulty involved in tracking the source responsible for the piracy. The aim of this paper is to use digital watermarking techniques to detect video piracy and avoid those pirated videos from being uploaded. A digital watermark is a distinguishing piece of information that is adhered to the data that it is intended to protect. A digital watermark when embedded into a video or image does not alter the data. The information watermarked includes owner, recipient and distributor details, transaction dates, serial numbers, etc. which play an important role in determining the source of piracy.