Image Copyright Protection System Using Blockchain

  • Omkar Dedge, Rohit Shingade, Abhiraj Jagtap, Apurva Yadav, Asmita Kamble


Image theft and copyright issues have been increasing rapidly with the rise of internet. Therefore, copyright protection of images has become an unavoidable issue. Blockchain is a distributed database that provides a secure, yet transparent way to protect any type of records. Blockchain provides an effective way to prevent copyright violation by providing a proof-of-property solution. This paper has proposed a model of image copyright protection using blockchain. There are many methods to protect the images such as disabling right clicks, disabling external linking of websites, digital watermarking and many more. Adding a digital watermark makes it easier to identify that the image is copyrighted. Blockchain stores the images securely and also provides the proof-of-property for the copyright holder. This system also provides a cross-check functionality for commercial users to avoid copyright issue by checking whether the image is copyrighted or not.