Smart Meeting Scheduling

  • Deepika Solankar, Neha Patil, Rutuja Patil, Saloni Patil, Geeta S. Navale


The management and booking of rooms in large buildings is a tedious and complicated task. The combination of different rooms with different sizes and equipment, the possibility to choose between different dates and times is the reason  why a  good booking system is needed to make this task as easy as possible. A system that supports reservations of rooms in conference buildings  or universities or other large buildings. This system shows how a complicated human task like reservations can be solved by using a smart meeting scheduling system as the android app in the development. From the facility users’ perspective, requesting a room is as easy as selecting the facility he or she wants, searching for an available time slot, and completing the reservation form. This paper talks about the works carried out by the various authors which will assist humans in office environments to schedule meetings efficiently.