Exploratory Visual Anatomy of Prosper Loan Dataset Using Tableau for P2P Lending

  • Shubhankar Gupta, Saksham Gupta, Arpan Singh, Bindu Garg


Prosper is a money lending platform which helps in reducing the distance between the borrower and lender. We have done exploratory analysis on the relationship between the stakeholders that directly affects the borrowers’ Prosper Score and who come under the defaulters. This work aims to show the facts about loan data and emphasize on loan borrowers, occupations, annual income and their APR. The Prosper Dataset includes information about the borrower’s background and detailed description of the loans. The borrowers’ Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be analyzed on the basis of many factors such as borrower’s rating, score, occupation and income that could have a direct impact on his APR. This work also aims to investigate type of borrowers and the type of loans taken by them. We have inspected the dataset and used Tableau to create our visualizations in order to find out the defaulters, reason for defaults and the cause for the borrowers to apply for loan.