Profile based Energy Management System for Smart Buildings: IoT and ML Approach

  • Dhanshree S. Barge , Anil R. Surve , Vijay R. Ghorpade


In the recent survey, it has observed that building structures consume 32 percent of the country's total electricity in India. In developing cities, building energy demand is obvious to surge. It is necessary to cope up and synchronize the building operations intelligently for improvisation of the efficient and reliable whole energy systems. By virtue of a user's profile preference, energy consumption can be optimized using an appropriate machine learning approach. KNN machine learning algorithm can be instrumental in identifying profile, non-profile and combination of profile related to a human occupant in the smart space. This helps to improve energy performance standards for buildings to reduce energy utilization. Transparent, accurate and accessible electricity usage data for buildings is a primitive necessity for setting a baseline. The new scheme consents buildings to interconnect to their energy consumption with profile based preferences of users. This energy management system benefits smart buildings resulting in the overall cost consumption automatically and yet with more flexibility.