Recommendation System Aiming To Solve General Accommodation Problems

  • Adarsh Totla , Rajat Bucha, Manjitsing Valvi


Recommendation systems are one of the newest trends pioneering in enhancing the user experience across the internet. These are mainly used by e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart or commercial industries like Netflix, Amazon prime video etc.  One of the factors in the success of these brands is Recommendation Systems. Recommendation systems influence the customers behaviour to look at and purchase products or services, by providing them a customised experience. These systems largely depend on the analysis of user ratings and preferences and then predicting and recommending the user with similar  products or services. Recommendation systems find their application in almost every industry that provides services to the users. The paper describes a similar recommendation system implemented; that works in compliance with matching algorithms like stable marriage problem, collaborative filtering and helps in finding compatible roommates, recommends rooms and daily chores service providers for those in need in a user friendly manner.