Supply Chain Management In Public Distribution System Using Blockchain

  • Sooraj S, Sandra Rachel Santhosh, Fayas V.M, Yadhu Philip


The Public Distribution System (PDS) in the country facilitates the supply of food grains and distribution of essential commodities to a large number of poor people through a network of Fair Price Shops. But currently it faces a lot of corruption in managing and transporting food grains throughout the nation. Corruption happens because there is no authority to make the system transparent to the public. The proposed idea is to deploy a Blockchain network on which a digital and distributed record that keeps track of the food grains resides. If we use a simple database and client – server architecture , the system may be prone to network attacks and thus the system may fail.

Blockchain Technology provides a secure and distributed platform for suppliers, distributors, retailers, auditors, and consumers to have an efficient management of the supply chain. Blockchain has the potential to drive cost-saving efficiencies and to enhance the consumer experience through traceability, transparency, and tradeability by providing a digital record of each transaction made with respect to a commodity .

We will be deploying a Blockchain Network on which each transaction is processed and this network is developed by Hyperledger Sawtooth.