Drive Assist-An Iot And Machine Learning Based Driver Assistant For A Safer Night Journey

  • Abrew Abraham Alex, Chrissie Susan Alex, Christy Abraham Kuriakose,, Jency Mary Joseph, Asst. Prof Gokulnath. G


We live in a world where, as the years go by the count of cars on lane increases exponentially and the workload and stress on each professional raise beyond their threshold. Even though many multinational companies have introduced automated driverless cars it’s practically not affordable to the common men. We propose a smart system, “Drive assist” that can be introduced as a portable kit to ensure the reduction in the rate of night road accidents and a safe night journey. The main advantage of the proposed system is that it can be incorporated to any existing car models that most common men of any part of the world can afford. The system consists of four modules, first module  is  the drowsiness detection system which uses a NOIR camera to accept the live feed of the driver in low light and checks if he’s drowsy or not. If he’s found to be drowsy the system will alert him. Subsequently the second module of the system is a drunken driver detection system which prevents the driver from driving the car if he’s found to be drunk and alert him and his relatives/officials regarding the same. The third module is an accident alert system which alerts the officials and his friends/relatives with the live location of the car if he encounters with a sudden accident. The fourth module is an Anti-theft support system which provides valid evidences to the law and order maintenance officers, if the owner’s car is found to be missing. The system can provide the live location of the car and can even take a photo of the thief if needed. All these features can be controlled through the mobile application named drive assist.