Automatic Billing Shopping Cart

  • Sherin Susan Isaac, Richa Mariam Roy, Sidharth S Kumar, Remya S


Shopping malls plays a major part in ones lives. People living in the outskirts of the city often go for shopping to purchase their daily requirements. Shopping can be tiring but is an unavoidable activity and we would like to enhance this experience. At shopping malls people buy several items and wait at the cashiers to get billed,the cashier prepares the bill using the bar code reader which is quite a long process, which is exhausting. Also at times customers are out of money which they realize once at the counter thus leading to embarrassing situations. In this paper, we are putting together a brilliant shopping framework utilizing object detection algorithm and Raspberry Pi controller. The main objective of this is to minimize the time spent waiting in queues and that is what the automatic billing shopping cart does. It identifies the items using machine learning techniques and updates the required information into the customers’ account which can be accessed using their phones, where they can view their bill. YOLO model is used for object detection. The customer pays the bill at counter and leaves.