Rot Detection of Fruit and Leaf Using Image Processing and Fuzzy Logic Techniques

  • Dr. M. Jagadeesan, Dr. P. A. Selvaraj, Ms. T. Mythili, Mr. R. Sri Ragavendran, Mr. V. Guna


The main exertion in finding out about plants is watching plant highlights. This venture built up a plant search framework that permits clients to do a pursuit in any event, when they don't have the foggiest idea about the plant name essentially by watching plant qualities. The framework comprises of a plant highlights, scans for the highlights as indicated by the information highlights, and returns the leaves with chose clusters.Now, the leaf characterization utilizes machine vision to disintegrate and break down shading, size, shape, and surface. Be that as it may, the proposed extraction edge technique must be completed generally and there is as yet a distinction between the edge of the removed shape, polygon, and the edge of the state of the first image.This venture bunches the leaves utilizing picture zone size, pixel shading esteems similitude, in view of splendor estimations of the picture and leaf shapes. Furthermore, the undertaking points in finding the decays in the leaves. In light of the tally of pixels of spoil hues, the all out decay percent in the leaf is determined and shown. This helps with assessing the leaf quality. In the event that future analysis were to extend to different highlights, leaf pinnacle, and so forth., even those that are difficult to evaluate, can likewise be measured.