An Approach to Provide Protection for Women by Using Suraksha App

  • Reena Thakur, Mohan Nanwani, RohitAswani, Pratiksha Dhore, ChiragMoolpani


In our country, although it does have power and economic development, there are many crimes against women.Smartphone's use for entertainment has nowadays risen to a whole new level, but what we have often neglected is that our smartphone can be used for a reliable source of protection. Although many women's safety systems are already on the market, a more advanced system is still needed to ensure greater safety and security.We are now obliged to create an application to make effective use of smartphone. This paper introduces Suraksha, an android application for women’s safety. A single click on the button inside the application turns the phone GPS on and sends the current coordinates to the registered mobile numbers along with an alert message. This unique feature of the application is sending out the message without any inconvenience. The automation of sending the message is to send the message directly, without even launching the application, through various sensors available in the phone such as continuous shaking and speech recognition.