IOT based Smart Helmet for Mobikes

  • Ms. Mona Mulchandani, Ashiyana Borkar, Rohal Yede, Zishan Sheikh, Praful Basewar


In India bikes are more prevalent, Road accidents are increasing day by day because the riders are not using the helmet, many accident cases occur due to this carelessness of not wearing helmet during driving. In order to put an end to this misery we have developed the smart helmet for bikes, a way to decrease the rate of accidents. This thought of taking responsibility of society results in this proposed model of making a bike safety headgear. This paper provides an intelligent system for two-wheeler accident prevention and detection for human life safety just by wearing the helmet.The prime objective is to force the rider to wear the helmet throughout the journey. The prevention part involves, Smart Helmet, which automatically checks whether the person is wearing the helmet or not.If this condition is not satisfied the relay does not ON the engine and it is also become necessary by government authorities to wear helmet for safety. This system will provide safety to the person from getting injured and information such as current location of the individual while travelling. Hence the idea of smart helmet makes the motorcycle driving more secured and safer than earlier.