Data Storage & Security in Cloud Computing”

  • Shradha Parmeshwar Awatari Dr. Sachin Chaudhari Prof. Monali Gulhane


Cloud computing is now days emerging field because of its performance, high availability, low cost. In the cloud many services are provided to the client by cloud. Data store is main future that cloud service provides to the companies to store huge amount of storage capacity. But still many companies are not ready to implement cloud computing technology due to lack of proper security control policy and weakness in protection which lead to many challenge in cloud computing.. The main objectives of this paper are, 1) To prevent Data access from unauthorized access, it propose a distributed scheme to provide security of the data in cloud .This could be achieved by using homomorphism token with distributed verification of erasure-coded data. 2) Proposed scheme perfectly stores the data and identifies the any tamper at the cloud server.3) And also performs some of the tasks . like data updating, deleting, appending.